Monday, April 05, 2010

Looking For Solutions

Here is number twelve in the year-long weekly series of six-word journal quiltlets.
The words say:
"Looking For Solutions Here And There".
The red fabric that the words are machine-embroidered is from the red Crate & Barrel napkin that I used for the very first of these journal quiltlets. Those scraps have been on my table top in the scrap basket all year so far and have made it into several of these quiltlets. Nothing like a nice solid red sometimes.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these. I know I have been MIA of late, but I love the idea of something small and doable and with words.
Very nice!


Julie ZS said...

Thanks so much Anne! I know you've been very busy, and recovering after completing that huge project.
The word aspect of this challenge is what is keeping me going with it. I guess I really did want to work with words in my art somehow this year.

Anonymous said...

Things I wouldn't dream of.

Jaye said...

I love those Janome stitch letters and use them all the time!