Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Brought To You By The Letter E

This post today is brought to you by the letter E.
And the letter S.
I think I'll add these letters to the great flickr group for single letter photos, One Letter.
This post is just a collection of detail photos from our recent trip from San Diego to Mexico and back.
Some variety of aloe, soaking up the sun in a street-side planter in Cabo San Lucas.
A very interesting mall "skyline" view in San Diego. I sat and sketched this for a long time. I think this would be a great quilt design, all those shadows and specific shapes.
The pose-ing-est pigeon I've ever seen. He didn't move until I a)noticed him and b) took his picture. I love how his toes are turned out in second position.
I was fascinated with how the ship was tied up in San Diego. All this apparatus, ropes, metal pieces so thickly painted, on such a big scale.

California Iron Works, very solid.

A dangling something off the side of the ship. I just thought this was really pretty with the water reflecting and shining and the red flag.

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