Saturday, April 03, 2010

As The Season Turns

And just like that. It is Spring with a capital S. Woohoo finally! And the gardening to-do list has started out very very long this year, since I was so slothful and unmotivated to garden much last year. My plan is to do a little every day instead of overdoing it all in one day. That way I can fit in the indoor quilting stuff I need to do also (see yesterday's memoir quilt).
I just love the way the horizontal bark on the cherry trees looks, so different than the other fruit trees. We don't ever get many cherries off of this tree, the birds get almost all of them. It mostly functions as a decorative tree. Plus it is really too tall to even harvest properly. It is the last one in our row of fruit trees, so it hardly ever ends up getting pruned, by the time we've done the plum and the apples.

The lilacs are bending down with the weight of the rain on all their blossoms. I haven't pruned them in years, I think this is the year, just as soon as they are done blooming for us. And the viney thing twining through them is the wisteria which is attempting to take over the world, that definitely needs to go. I truly do love wisteria, but boy is it ever a "garden thug". Give it an inch, it takes a mile, at a minimum. Western kudzu?
What's on your gardening to-do list this spring?

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