Friday, April 02, 2010

I'm Torn Between Inside And Outside

Bing bing bing almost a 1/5 of the way complete. Here is the 10th in a year long, weekly series of six-word memoir journal quilt(lets).The words say:

"I'm Torn Between Inside And Outside".

Which is a bit of a cheat using the contraction "I'm",but too bad, I can cheat at my own rules now can't I? But I truly am torn between spending time inside vs. outside. Happens every year around this time...As the garden greens up and the weeds go into overdrive, my creative spark is lit anew with the arrival of Spring.

I took pictures as I experimented with coloring a used dryer sheet with some FabricFun dye crayons. After getting some colors down, I first tried to curl it up with the iron, that didn't work. so then I thought maybe it would melt onto some fabric. No luck, just transferred a teeny bit of the color onto the fabric.Ok, fine then, I'll use it as an overlay as part of the quiltlet then.

As I worked with it, the torn edges of the dryer sheet ended up inspiring the words for the week. It looks good stitched down over the shiny green cotton.
Also, you'll notice that my red bobbin thread is showing in-between each stitch. Sometimes I do this on purpose to get tiny flecks of color on a quilt surface, but in this case it was just me being lazy. It turned out that my machine needed to have the bobbin case cleaned out thoroughly (again!). But I liked how it tied together the small amount of red colors in the crazy print in the left hand corner into the whole overall green/blue of the entire piece. So I didn't pick out any of the stitching. Sometimes sheer laziness prompts an interesting design choice!

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