Saturday, April 24, 2010

Construction Finale

The last couple weeks have been consumed with getting our house remodel completed in time for inspection before the permit expires.
I haven't been quilting or making anything at all. Instead I've been doing what I can to help the process get completed. And taking some pictures as I go along. And then collapsing from all the running around to stores and answering contractors' questions and climbing up and down ladders.
This picture is of a giant bolt is holding up our new deck (along with a whole lot of other impressive hardware).
This deck is so solid, I swear we could host an elephant party up there. But oh what a lot of work. A couple of times we've asked each other, whose bright idea was it to have a deck up here? I know we will really come to enjoy using it, but we are bitching about it a whole lot as it is getting finished.
I also have been up and down stepladders installing fireblock caulking in the ceiling of our garage. This is a special requirement since there are living spaces above the garage. In case our car decides to explode or something I suppose. I took this and several other pictures because the fireblock is two different colors, and I didn't want the inspector to give me a hard time. My contractor tells me it is usually red to distinguish it...Oh well, not the stuff we found to buy!
I thought this was a cool picture with the dirty/clean magnet on my diswasher in the background. All those circles.
Anyways, it was a big disappointment on Friday, I waited around half the day for the inspector, but no phone call, nothing. Finally after poking around on the county website and through the voice mail system I figured out that it was the one day a month that they are having a furlough day. Thus no inspections. sigh. Guess that makes it an Inspection Monday! Cross your fingers for us that we pass!


DancingHeart said...

I love your awareness of everything around you! a true Sister at heart!
thanks for sharing all the work that you do!
Blessings, Patty

Jaye said...

Good thoughts coming your way for inspection. I can't wait to see the new digs and drink coffee with you on your deck. Remember the day I showed up unexpectedly and you guys had just come home?