Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Stand Still

Anything is fair game to get embellished in my studio if it holds still long enough. This is a bottle of hand lotion that had its very very sticky label removed by my son (during the "I Hate Labels" stage). It was bugging me every single time I touched it because of the stickiness. What do I have lying around to fix this? Oh yeah, fabric scraps. So now the lotion bottle isn't so awful to touch anymore, plus it looks kind of interesting too.

These are my Raw Materials these days. I have so much fabric now (probably too much), that I really am not buying much of it anymore, but I am using whatever interesting things come my way along with all that fabric stash.

You saw how the red ribbons got used in yesterday's post. When will the other items appear in something else that I create? Who knows, but I know that they will be likely candidates to grab and use, since they are sitting near the top of the pile on my worktable.

What pile you ask?
This pile!
What are you recycling or reusing these days?
Oh and Happy Earth Day!

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Jaye said...

Rebecca Yaker of One Yard Wonders is writing a new book about using recycled materials. I definitely think you should send your lotion bottle to her.