Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flowers For A Reason

I got to buy a mixed flower bouquet recently for some raw materials.
I was on the hunt for yellow roses to go with a burgundy dress.
This dress happened to be the one my son's prom date was wearing for the Junior/Senior prom. He was insistent on wanting to make a corsage for her himself and it had to have yellow roses. So here is what he came up with. He used some of our mini pink climbing roses. It turned out her dress wasn't set up well for wearing a rather big corsage, so she carried it, and it still looked lovely. So Zach was right on the color choice.
And here is the boutonniere that I made for Zach out of his favorite rose in our garden. He looked so handsome and grown up in his tuxedo but I am unfortunately unauthorized to share that picture here. I made the mistake of asking him first.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Could you claim age as a memory issue and post it anyway??? :D
Love the flowers....especially that Rubrum Lily at the top....big sniff, then sneeze!
I used to grow those at one point in my life.


Jaye said...

1. Is this your response to the CPP this week? ;-)
2. I am a big fan of wrist corsages, because then there are no dress issues. Did you get one at my wedding?
3. It is awesome that Z wanted to make the corsage himself. You have wonderful children!

Julie ZS said...

Anne, I like the idea of claiming age-related memory problems, but unfortunately I've overused that excuse lately!
Jaye- not my CPP intentionally, but I suppose it could be, me too on wrist corsages, I suggested it, but he didn't think she'd like it.
I was glad that he wanted to make a corsage, it was fun teaching him something like that.