Friday, May 30, 2008

Skirting the Issue

Oh hahaha right? Onto the next skirt project. One that has also been staring at me accusingly for a year from the Fabric I'm Not Putting Away Yet Because Then I'll Forget Why The Heck I Bought It Pile. Don't you have one of those fabric piles? No? Uhmm. Just me then I guess. Anyways.
I have this idea for a hem treatment on the next skirt. Should the measuring tape fabric be used vertically?
Or horizontally? Please note that it is NOT used as a waistband treatment (hardyharhar).

Here is a detail of what I ended up doing. Please note the ass-kicking job I did on adding some red piping. Oh yes I did, I not only did a hemline treatment innovation on this very simple skirt, but I stuck some piping in there. And it did not kill me. And it didn't take as long as I thought. Or turn out in a manner that makes me embarrassed to be wearing the skirt. I'm really pleased with it. So pleased that I'm going on and on about it here to you. Because no one I know around here could really give two cans of beans about the topic!
And here is the very smugly satisfied sewist wearing her new creation. As long as I stand there by the red roses and green tree background, it is almost a chamelon camo effect..
I can't find the measuring tape fabric, but equilter has a slightly different one available.


Laume said...

So cute! Or should I say.... SEW cute!
I think you deserve a smug crown - I've never tried piping for fear of it being beyond my skill level.

Jaye said...

Two cans of beans on their way to you. VERY nice job and I am so impressed with you and piping. I have a some piping that has been languishing for years. I guess I had better get to it.

martha said...

Love your skirts and the ruler border is genius!

Karoda said...

love the measuring tape fabric and more power to you for sewing a skirt. i do think it would kill me to sew something practical no matter how cute ;)

arlee said...

You full of beans *and* dried apples, Babe---LOVE that trim idea!!!!!i'd use it as a pant trim too down the side seams :} Very Kewl!!!

arlee said...

oops i have a pile of those fabrics too---am am finally using them--a la ruffled capris :}