Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun With Funghi

I'm not sure why, but these three large mushrooms were growing in my strawberry bed. Yes, I have been watering it, so it hasn't gotten very dry, so that is the how. It has to be pretty moist for mushrooms to grow, and this grew to a quite impressive size. And I'm guessing that there were some mushroom spores in the organic mulch that I just purchased and put on the top of the soil in that garden bed. That is all you need apparently, for freebie, free-loader mushrooms.
I was tempted to try eating one, but my son Alex talked me out of it in case they were poisonous. I told him I guessed I was too much of a Hobbit at heart(who are of course renowned for liking to forage for mushrooms and eat them!). Glad to know there is someone around here who is sensible!
I hope more grow so I can make some spore prints, unfortunately these were already mixed in with the coffee grounds in the compost bag so they weren't retrievable when I found out about spore prints.

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