Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cornucopia, As Fresh as it Gets

Every season my columbines re-seed themselves. But now I am sad to report that they are approaching ugly. Pale brown and common yellow, bleah. I never thought a columbine could be anything but beautiful. It may be time to start over with some new seeds.
Don't you love old packaging for sewing items? I inherited a bunch of old sewing notions from my grandma's stash. And this cardboard wrap of ribbon is great, I just love the font (click picture to see larger). If I was to extrapolate it to the whole alphabet I'd have to call the font "Fascinating".
The unknown palm in our front yard. It is fruiting or seeding or something. Kind of disturbing looking somehow. I wonder what kind of palm it is. I tried doing some research, but didn't get very far.
A detail of my latest quilt "Lorabunda 3 Step". 3 step refers to the three steps of abstraction a flower photo, upholstery fabric flowers, graphic flowers on the background (a recycled sheet).


Laume said...

Columbine, daffodils, etc., tend towards their basic wild ancestor as the years go by. But it's fun when years later, out of the blue, some great great grandchild suddenly goes flashy again. I had some fancy daffodils turn plain and then suddenly go fancy again on the sixth generation or so.

Jaye said...

I know you are a friend of plants, but dig up the palm and get rid of it. They turn evil - just look at the moonscape they have created in our neighborhood.