Monday, May 12, 2008

Blue Moon Collage

Heads up Deirdre, **spoiler alert**!
This is the work I did in Deirdre's very cool circular blue themed journal for the True Colors inspired Traveler's Hart collaborative we're both involved in.

She wanted a signature tag from each artist so here is mine. I used beads for the string part, one of my favorite moon stamps with some colored pencil and sparkly pen on top. Oh and don't forget the sticky stars from the stationery store.

This is the other side of the tag where I actually signed it. I used one of my good job piano practice stickers with the kitty tromping across the keys and a fancy "J" stamp.

Watercolor crayon and metallic gel pen on watercolor paper.

Reverse side is a collage of Dover Old-Time Vignettes images, magazine photos and words

I think I have the very last book that I'm to work on, it is in a turquoise theme, which will be fun to try out. More on that later once I get it done!

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Deirdre said...

Ahhhhh..... Pretty!

Thank you!
:-D eirdre