Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cornucopia, End of May Edition

Gifts from friends are the best aren't they? Whenever they arrive! I received this super cool double flowered pincushion from Lunaea, it is made out of that wonderful Japanese slightly nubbly silk kimono fabric, with a sparkling vintage button on top. She bought it from an Etsy seller, SillyBoodilly,

And then she had some fat quarters of various quilt fabrics. I wasn't clear on why she had these fat quarters, maybe to make bags for her fabulous beaded Goddess rosaries? Anyways, as she is not a sewist (one who sews), and she's doing such a great job of weeding through all her stuff, she gifted me with them. Hmmmm, what should I make for her out of them, they kinda do go together...
This photo was too funny not to share. I don't have to mow my lawn, I have a grazing herd built in. See, I don't need to rent those goats from the neighbors! Seen here is head cow Zelda the Wonder Dog with her faithful sidekick Spike the meanest cat we've ever owned. Both have to eat their daily requirement of grass, they're really insistent about it. They are quite the dynamic duo indoors and out, patrolling the yard, making sure the other cats are safely up in the redwoods.

Remember the mystery palm that is taking over the front yard that I was showing you a while back in April?

It had all this beautifully strange yellow pollen spongy fruity looking stuff, and now here is what remains. The little branchlets are such an odd shape and color. Don't they look like coral? All the dried out seedy stuff has fallen below and been collected in this spider web conveniently woven between the hairy trunk and evilly serrated fronds. This has turned out to be a really cool plant to have in my garden. I'm really glad I didn't throw out that mostly dead house plant I inherited from my grandma...

The climbing red roses are going crazy this year, so I cut just three stems for this bouquet in my favorite blue vase. They don't have much of a scent unfortunately, but they sure look pretty.


Laume said...

LOL - we have quite the herd of grazing pets as well although, they can't manage to keep up with the rate the grass grows. In fact, it was so high last week Rosie was getting lost in it. William finally had some time to mow it before we lost her.

I kept admiring the beautiful lilacs outside my bedroom window, meaning to cut some and bring them inside. I never got around to it and now I see they're starting to turn brown and wilty on the bush. Sad. I didn't even get around that side of the house to smell them this year.

Janet said...

The pin cushion is gorgeous; the fabric in the second row, far right is really cool, Zelda & Spike are adorable, and that plant, I think, was an alien ;-)