Saturday, May 10, 2008

Class Samples

Here are the samples I made recently when I taught a short class about mark/pattern making on fabric to my quilt group, CQFA. Marks made by Lego Duplos, non-skid cushy rug mesh, bubble wrap, make-up sponge, and my favorie the square carpet castor.
Also a styrofoam meat tray is carved and then used as a stamp for the lower left image.

Knobbly rope is wrapped around a scrap of foamcoare and then printed for the cross-hatching image on the upper left.

It was fun demonstrating what I like to do with such an appreciative audience. And teaching just this little bit shows me how much work it is to put on these kinds of classes (and I didn't even do a handout or anything). But hey, it made me get my painting stuff out of storage which is a good thing, right?!

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Scrapmaker said...

Looks like a great info session, who knows how much new work you will inspire? Jen