Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The View on Tuesday

The View on Tuesday.
Yes, I know it is Wednesday. Story of my life, a day behind. At least,( I say to myself), I get it done eventually. Deadlines and duedates are a challenge and a structure that I tend to either be inspired and organized by or that I avoid and passiveagressively protest.

So, I've been reading the first part of "The View From The Studio Door" by Ted Orland. My absolute favorite line or concept that struck off big gongs of self-awareness was this from the first chapter, "Making Sense of the World":
"It seems an almost transcendental quality of the mind that we can even know we see the world differently from others- and more amazing yet that we can share our separte realities with on another."
This is exactly what I was trying to explain without getting too "artspeak" in my artists' statement, and I'm not sure I accomplished it or not. It is what I meant though! I see myself as a translator, or an interpreter, trying to get you, the viewer to see what I see. That is the aim of my art, the end goal, to express my visions in a comprehensible to others manner. Thanks Ted for helping me to realize that, I got my money's worth from buying the book in the very first chapter, woohoo!

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