Thursday, June 15, 2006

Letter G

Time for the letter G in the Wordplay jaunt through the alphabet.
This lovely G is from a 1904 book "Our Boys", see the Gutenberg ebook for more lovely illustrations and writings for and about boys of that long gone era.

Goofy-Fooling around and so forth, not acting serious and how I'm supposed to. Looking at the world a little cock-eyed and not expecting the worst to happen if I try something new.

Gum- I love chewing gum. Either bubble gum the really sugary soft kind or a minty one. I don't usually like the sugar free kind, as I am taste sensitive to all those new sweeteners that they use. I remember being 14 or 15 and my Dad telling me I looked like a cow when I was chewing an entire package of Bubblicious. He didn't know that I was in serious competition with my brother to blow The Biggest Bubble Ever.

Grass - Lying on the grass staring aimlessly up at the sky, preferrably in dappled shade is one of my favorite ways to hang out and do nothing productively.

Green - Sometimes I almost switch my favorite color over to green. Especially in early spring when all the new growth comes out all around me on the trees and plants. Green=Life
I wish we had a political system that wasn't so firmly entrenched in the D/R two party mode, so that I could be a Green.

Guys/Girls/Gals - "How are you guys?" I say that a lot more often than I'll ever say "How are you Girls or Gals?" If I were southern, then I could say "How are y'all?".
I'm usually glad to be a girl, except on primitive camping trips in the wilderness.

Gardening - Finding myself torn between indoor and outdoor these days. I try to do some of each. Gardening is so important to me, it is a big part of how I define myself. There is always something new to learn, beautiful to notice, and meditate upon. I feel such a connection to the ground that I work with and I'm really thankful to have such a great place to garden.

Germ Theory - I am glad that I live in an era where the majority of people (and doctors) believe in the Germ Theory.

Gerbera Daisy, Gardenia, Gaura, Geranium- Flowers that I grow that start with G

Garlic, Ghoulash, Gumbo, GrassFed Beef, Green Beans, Gherkin pickles, Gouda cheese - Foods that I like a lot that start with G.

Giggle, Guffaw,Gripe Grouse - Some of my favorite wasy to express myself

Grunion, Gar - Funny fish names that happen to start with G.

Goddess - I am glad that I remembered my way back to Her.

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