Sunday, June 11, 2006

ABC's of Me Meme

This is an interesting meme all about yours truly. Thanks for passing it on DebR.

Accent - A neutral , boring California accent (grin). I am very susceptible to accents however and will pick it up within a day or so of being in a new place.

Booze - I like wine, especially strong reds, champagne, margaritas (blended with lots of salt); beer as long as it isn't too dark, Gin! Yum!, and of course any mixed drink featuring lemons.

Chore I hate - The kitchen floor, because first I have to sweep up the drifts of pet hair, move the cat litterbox (which means I have to clean that first), oh and I have to take out the recycling because that is on top of the litterbox and I have to move that before moving the catlitterbox and then I have to do the dishes so that I can use the sink for my watersupply, and usually that means emptying the dishwasher, and usually I clean off the counters first because if I do it in reverse then I will just get all the crumbs on the newly washed floor. So the kitchen floor gets cleaned only when I have time to clean the whole damned kitchen!

Dog/cat - For most of my life I was a complete cat person and never even entertained the idea of having a doga, but I got talked into it and now love having 1 dog (Zelda the Wonder Dog a yellow lab rescued from the pound, and the requisite 4 cats (Zippy, Rexie, Pele, Lucky).

Essential electronics - Sewing machine, Computer, digital camera, DVD player, cd player, stereo, vcr,cell phone, alarm clock, breadmaker.

Favorite perfume - Clinique Aromatics Elixir

Gold/silver - I like both, and always am wearing the gold wedding ring of course. I have a lot more silver pendants and such and a lot of my earrings are silver.

Hometown - Saratoga, California. A town filled with large homes, rich people and a quaint downtown area. It is just 20 miles away on the other side of the mountains from where I live now but might as well be another country for how different it is.

Insomnia - Hardly ever, by the time I finally go to bed I'm ready to read for a bit and snooze out. And I don't wake up easily either, just ask my husband.

Job title - Lady of Lavender Hill or Finder of Everything.

Kid(s)- Two is enough thankyouverymuch. Two boys, one 12 going on 20, one just turned 11.

Living arrangements - A blue/grey two story house on over an acre of redwood forest/mixed forest hillside in a valley just one mountain range away from the Pacific Ocean.

Most admirable trait - Optimism, I can find the good in any situation (eventually), which can either be helpful and admirable or complete annoying and frustrating.

Number of countries visited - 14. Thanks for changing the rules on this one Deb, # of sex partners is not something I'd be comfy discussing with the world at large...

Overnight hospital stays - 4, two were the first night after the boys were born. Both were born close to midnight and we left the next day around 9 because they kept waking us up in the hospital, sheesh! Not a very restful place.

Phobias - Scorpions, earwigs, judgemental and closed-minded people

Quote - "You don't ask, you don't get!" - Zaccone Family Motto

Religion - The more unorganized the better. I've created my own path for myself to the Divine and I'm happy with it, if that bothers you, then I'm sorry you aren't more openminded. In my experience and reading of history, Organized Religions while a comfort to many, ares an excuse for people to not think for themselves, committ atrocities in the name of their religion, consider themselves better than others and to exclude people who don't believe the same thing.

Siblings - One younger brother who turned out to be one hella cool dude.

Time you usually wake - With an alarm between 6:30 and 7 AM, left to my own natural waking state closer to 9AM.

Unusual talent - Hmmmm, I'm amazing at finding things. A friend dropped her sand colored camera into the ocean. 15 minutes later I found it in the water. My son dropped his glasses in a grassy,weedy field, a couple minutes later, I found them, etc....

Vegetable I refuse to eat - That is a tough one, as I love just about all vegies. How about canned peas. Can't stand them, the smell, the flavor, the texture, ewwwww.

Worst habit - Not phoning people, waiting for them to call me.

X-rays - Lots, not sure I remember them all to give you a number.

Yummy foods I make - Baba Ghanoush (roasted eggplant with sesame), Lasagna, Tofu Scramble, Dutch Babies.

Zodiac - Sun sign: Sagittarius, ascendant Pisces, Moon in Scorpio.


Dara said...

This meme was written by a really cool, fun open-minded person! BTW, when are you coming to Sedona again?

Deb R said...

It's a comment on how little I've been sewing lately that it didn't occur to me to list my sewing machine with essential electronics. Oops.

LOVED reading your list. Your family motto is great. Also, I knew you were a Sag. sun, but didn't know your moon and Asc. until now - what an intense and interesting mix! No wonder I like you so much!

Also, the phone thing, not calling too!