Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - Pop Art #3

For the 3rd PopArt SelfPortrait Challenge I present my very first effort in Photoshop Elements which I finally bought! Big time coupon at Costco, so I got it for only $40. Guess that is my pricepoint for new software that I don't technically *need*.
Oh man is this ever a fun tool. I think I did need it after all!

This photo is me on the day my son graduated from elementary school. I'm trying to hide how sad and emotional I am, I've spent many years at this school, and now it is all over. Onto the middle school years for us. Gulp.

The pop aspect of this is to remove the details of me, abstract it, and arrive at a more universal image that mothers everywhere will recognize instantly.

The joyfilled sadness in seeing your child succeed at growing up and becoming themselves, separate so permanently separate from you.

The terrified joyfulness of being aware of your impermanence as the maypole they revolve around, soon that era will be over, too soon, and not soon enough all at once.

The sadly terrified mother left behind as her children fly the carefully contrived and safe coop she has provided all these years.


Deb R said...

You're going to love playing with P.E. You'll wonder what you ever did without it! :-)

Cool self-portrait!

:-D eirdre said...

Great Self-Portrait - $40 is a great price, and you will wonder why you waited!