Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Birthday Kitten

Happy Solstice (Summer or Winter!)
My dear son Alex is turning 11 this Friday, and he got his present a couple days early. He has begun a tradition of asking for animals. One year he wanted a goat, but we settled on chickens.

This year he wanted a Maine Coon kitten. Which after some research I discovered cost $600 or so, for the real deal, pedigreed ones. We (husband and I) have always wanted one, and I was trying to talk myself into this, I really really was, but I couldn't find any MC kittens available til the end of the summer.

So we ended up swinging by the pound yesterday afternoon and this little sweetie guy came home with us. A grey stripey tiger. He is so curious and energetic and has the pointiest tail I've ever seen on a kitten. He wasn't happy in the box, so he rode on laps all the way home purring very loudly. So far, I think he likes it here, except for the constant extremely loud dog panting outside the closed bathroom door.

He isn't named yet, Alex wants to wait until his Dad gets back from Japan and Korea this weekend to name him. (say awww with me).

The other animals are so excited they either can't stop panting (that would be Zelda the wonder dog) or so pissed that they're staying out of the house (the other cats). funfunfunfun

So that's what's going on around here.
That and it was over 100 degrees today. Ack. Time for an afternoon movie tomorrow I think...


:-D eirdre said...


Happy Birthday Alex! I know I'm a day early... but when you get OLD you had to do things when you remember them! And you hope it is before the big event and not after! LOL

kristen said...

Happy Birthday, to Alex!

Wow! 11!!! yikes!

the kitten is very very cute.