Wednesday, June 07, 2006

F is for

Ok, I'm going to try this once more. I had a wonderful, completed version and blogger lost it ..not once but twice!..arrrrggghhh. Note to self, always save as draft, especially if it is long and complicated with lots of links that you've spent an hour on. Sheesh!
For an explanation of why I'm v-e-e-r-y slowly working my way through the alphabet go see Laume at wordplay.

So... F is for

Friend - What would I do without them? I wish I was a better friend to my friends, but I hope they know how much I love them all.

Fiber- Of course! I live for it, love it and can't get through the day without doing something fiber related. The world of fiberarts is so diverse, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Fool- The first card in the Tarot. Beginning of a journey, trusting that the universe will hold you up when you're blithely stepping off the cliff into the future.

Face-I see so much in faces, and love making faces in my art.

Future- What will it hold, how worried or excited about it should I be, will we still be here a year from now? What can I do to make sure we are? How do I communicate to my children how much I want for them in the future without scaring the beejeebers out of them?

Fe-ghed-di-bout-it, frack, frell, frigging-All those made up replacement swear words that come in oh so handy when you are trying to raise two boys while not swearing even though you really do like swearing when appropriate, not excessively of course.

Feta, Fungilli, Fig, - yummy foods that I like that start with F.

Fairy, Faerie, Feri,- I'm attracted to all things Fairy related, including collecting many books of fairy tales, reading about people's experiences with the land of Faerie.

Fetid, fungible, - weird words that I like that start with F.

Fiji, Finland - places I want to go that start with F.

Fini- The End

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