Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Did I Buy at PIQF?

When I go to PIQF, usually I'm just looking at the quilts since I'm short on time. This time however, I stayed over two nights with a friend who came into town just for the show. Which was really fun, a mini-quilty-vacation, lots of time to chat,eat out, etc. But it ended up being kinda pricy, since we are very bad at egging each other on at shopping. I tried to keep it under control, and did pretty well, um, pretty well. So here is a peek at some of the stuff that came home with me.

Wool for some seasonal pumpkin pins from BirdBrain Designs, interesting silks from JR Flamingo, clover flower head pins and green perle cotton.

Small pieces of fabrics, most from the $1 bin at the charmingly decorated Beyond the Reef.

Two more wearables patterns that I hopefully will use in the near future. Park Bench Patterns are really well done, good instructions, easy to use, easy to size. They have such a good display at quilt shows with all sorts of versions of the patterns which are very interesting and make you want to go home and start making cool stuff to wear.

Bunch of white stuff for my color challenge quilt (I was assigned WHITE, eek!), some fuzzy yarn, Angelina, dupioini silk, cottons with white on white, some alpaca roving. Somehow all this will turn into something all white and fabulous, right. Maybe if I leave it all in the same bag together they'll put themselves together. That would be nice.

Two large batik stamps bought from Treasure, (Treasure(650) 948-9900151 Main StLos Altos, CA 94022) they aren't perfect images which is fine with me, but I love the crisscross action in both of the patterns. No, I won't be using them for batik, since I don't do that (yet, never say never, right?) but probably for paint or dye stamping or texture rubbings. One of them was obviously used with indigo as the wood is soaked with a deep blue.

Oh and inbetween them is a keychain/charm with a sun/moon image I hadn't seen before, kinda different.


Sarah said...

Julie -

OOOOHHHHH! Lots of good stuff to play with! Have fun!

Sarah N.

Deb R said...

Fun haul from PIQF!
And I like this week's Selfumentery.

Samantha said...

I recognize soem things I own in your haul. LOL! And- I work practically in sight of Denver City Park... Hmmm, fate?