Monday, October 03, 2005

Simple Still Life Photos for September

For the Simple Still Life this time around, we were told to "get our our own danged photos" (well of course said in a much nicer manner than that (grin)). Instructions for this photo are 1) single object, 2) with a shadow.
So I think, hey, I know on my trip I must have taken something like that, and sure enough I did, so I picked two to choose from. Either the piece of a gargoyle face from a part of an abbey, (love the texture of the whitewashed stone wall behind it) or the jug on the windowsill of the same abbey. Shoot I forget the name of the abbey right now, they all kind of blur together.

Here is the full picture that the jug is isolated from. It kind of explains the "extra" shadows in the smaller picture. I think I'll go with the stonework face, since it has a simpler shadow setup.

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Frances said...

love your photos, the one of the head is more textilely but I love the jug close up as a photo, a story can be read into it,