Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday, Gasp, ON Tuesday!

Oh my stars and garters, here I am ON Tuesday posting a "Self-u-mentary" for Self Portrait Tuesday - Self Documentary Series.

So here it is:

A Morning in the Studio with Julie

I arrive at 10:30am, ready to work on anything and everything. The sun shines through the dirty second story window. There isn't a flat surface available to work on though.

Think I'll start on some beading work, since all the beads are out anyways, from yesterday's mad search for the rosary pliers.

Using those pliers to close some jump rings.
Note how well I use the 8"x8" cleared space. Just think how much more productive I'd be with more cleared off desk space....

I hear some dramatic sighing from the other room upstairs and go to investigate. It is Zelda, settling in for a nice nap on my son's bed. Guess she'd rather go for a walk than sit around watching me make stuff. Too bad for her! I'm on a roll.

Time to draw a watercolor pencil card for a friend, for her 50th birthday. Better get out the glitter though, she loves glittery stuff.

Onto some sewing now, need to put a hanging sleeve on a quilt going out to a show.

And of course if I sew, that usually means ironing.

That's it! A morning of work, jumping from project to project. My version of "gritty" is me showing pictures of myself braless,make-upless, hair un-brushed, etc. This is how I'd look if you surprised me at home when I'm working.

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