Sunday, October 30, 2005

October Simple Still Life

For the Simple Still Life, October, here is what I've come up with so far. Using my original picture of a gargoyle that I took on my recent trip to the UK, I used the filters from Filters Unlimited in Irfanview. This is neon watercolor. I love how the texture of the wall is picked up. This could be easily made in the quilt medium, the lines are pretty simple.

This is using the halftone filter. I like the grid effect and the way the shadows translate. This would be good for a grey quilt ,maybe using the grey on grey check linen fabric that I have, hmmm, with a gradated black dye or paint job.

A kaleidoscope version, love how all the eyes are repeated, and the wall texture is stretched. I could play with the kaleidoscope maker all day, too fun.

This is my favorite. It is a filter called difference clouds. You can adjust the gamma and the types of clouds. Tre' dramatique'! (this is my faux French spelling). I could see painting this. Or maybe printing it out and making a t-shirt out of it. Hmmmm, maybe it is time to open a Cafe'Press store???
This was fun this month, I usually don't go for working with shadows in a realistic way (obviously by looking at my work!). But I like this exercise of starting with a dramatically lit photo and abstracting away from it....see you next month with another Simple Still Life.


Debra said...

That last one is FABULOUS!! It looks very cat-like (which I don't normally care for)... but quite spooky too.

Deb R said...

Great job, Julie! I especially like the first one and the last one.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Julie, I like the brown mandala one - reminds me of wood