Monday, October 24, 2005

Scary Studio Tour

I am emboldened to post these photos of my disaster area (AKA the stew-dee-ooo) because Debra on her blog, A Stitch in Time has taken the up the challenge that Juliane challenged us to do a scary studio picture tour this month. We are to post the "Before" photos of our disaster area now.. and then on the weekend after Thanksgiving, we are to post the photos of our sparkling clean workspaces.

Studio View from doorway looking left.

Studio view from closet. Not much floorspace! This is a very small room. Or it just seems small. The size is 13'long x 8'wide. And I have filled it as full as possible with almost all of my art stuff. The dyeing/surface design supplies are downstairs in the laundry room. Anyways, packed into this teeny tiny room there is a computer table, which I have my machine on,
a work table which has my cutting mat, ruler holder, a lamp and a pile of scraps,
a bookcase, which is filled with quilting books and magazines,
a set of Iris drawers, which have thread, buttons, chocolate, pens, tools, etc.
a big ironing board, with an iron rest on the end,
a set of three stacking baskets filled with scraps and clothes that need fixing,
a foldout sewing organizer, which has most of my clothes making doodads (like zippers and velcro),
a queen size futon couch, since this room is also the "guest room", not too terribly inviting for guests, when the futon is out as a bed it has about a 1 foot space where you can exit on one side of the bed,
two gorilla racks (industrial strength shelves) which hold most of my POTS (plastic organizer thingies)
the rest of my POTS are stacked up under the tables or in two scary tilting stacks in the closet.

I don't know how I'll clean this up.
But I must, it is getting overcrowded and uninviting to being creative and productive.

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Debra said...

Well this one's easy. Get rid of that cardboard box over on the left of the second photo.

Well, I'm glad I inspired someone else to join the fun. I'll be pulling almost everything out of the room (everything on the floor and some on the wall) and a couple pieces of furniture are not going back in.