Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Final Border?

This might just be the final border for the quilt top that needs to be a finished quilted by the end of the month. 
I wanted to add a lot more yellow/orange but also have the grey browns in there too. 

But after looking at it, I realized the new border needed some green as well. So I went diagonal. I think it's turning out well so far. 

Adding in the green diagonals hasn't been too hard and I think it's good for tying in this border visually to the rest of the quilt. I felt it needed the green to pick up on the green in the previous borders. I think  repeating the one fabric, and getting close to several of the other colors.

Okay, off to finish adding the greens and then chopping this piece up to go around the quilt top edge in some manner to...be...determined...

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