Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Very Close To Done

 Two years ago for my birthday, as my big gift, my dear husband agreed to help me make me the design wall I'd always wanted for my studio.  We went out and bought the insulation board, the wood trim and the flannel.  And then a bunch of stuff happened, blah,blah,blah, and all the stuff just sat there, propped up against the wall.  I used the insulation board as a photo background many times, but it wasn't the useful design wall I wanted and needed.  I continued using the back of a flannel-back picnic tablecloth tacked up on the wall as my "temporary" design wall.

Recently, he had a rare day off between his many trips back and forth to China and asked me what I wanted him to get done around the house before he had to leave again, and for once I was selfish and said, "let's actually make the design wall."  It involved a lot of outdoor sweeping out on the driveway to get the area clean enough to work with because I didn't want all that white flannel dirty from the start.  It really was a two person job handling the glue and getting the flannel down without lumps or folds.  I knew I couldn't have done it all by myself.  The spray glue worked really really well and we had just enough.  Originally I was going to cover both of the boards together, but we realized it wasn't going to work getting it back into the house so we did each one on it's own.  The flannel is affixed to the back with good ol' duct tape, and lots of it.

So as you can see it isn't really done, because it isn't affixed to the wall with the wood pieces.  We'd forgotten since so much time had passed that the two boards together are 1" too big for the wood to overlap enough at the corners to screw them to the wall.  So one of the panels needs to be trimmed down an inch along each edge and then we can finally put it up on the wall for real.  It still works pretty well as is just leaning there against the wall. Think it will be another two years? We shall see...
Unfortunately Zelda the WonderDog left a pawprint, she decided she had to investigate as we were moving around and I caught her just as she stepped onto one of the boards.  We'd been joking about the cats lying down on the spray-glued insulation boards and getting stuck, at least that didn't happen.  So now I have to decide whether to leave it as a memorial, or try and clean it off.  I think I'll keep it, it's not too dark, and it will be nice to have that reminder of her in my workroom.

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Jaye said...

You can always clean it later, if you change your mind. Shout Wipes, baby!