Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabric From All Over

 Another bag of world textile treasures arrived from my Aunt Suzi from all her travels teaching English all over the place.  She's so kind to think of sharing all this with me, I'm a lucky girl.  I thought I'd share some pictures because so much of it is unusual and different to my eyes.  And a great addition to my fabric stash.  First are these batik panels.
 They're both quite large and have great detail.

 A really nice bordered batik print, red on black. There's maybe enough for a nice skirt I think.

 Not sure of some of the fabric content on these,some are possibly polyester blend.  Not sure why but this one had an elephant printed along the edge in one spot.  

 I like a lot of the labels and printed logos, they're just so different than what I'm used to seeing on US products.

And finally this thick woven one,  isn't it gorgeous with that subtle lighter blue stripe?  There's a lot of this one, maybe enough for a jacket.
Thanks Aunt Suzi!


Jaye said...

Don't cut a nipple windmill for me. Thank you.

Julie ZS said...

Gotcha, no problem. But that's why it would be a skirt not a shirt. Last thing I need on my shirt is nipple windmills!

ooglebloops said...

Great stash - love batiks and love that racehorse label!!!!