Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Camera New Orchid

 New Camera! Woot!  And a new orchid to photograph too.  This is my first indoor orchid, and I can already see why people get addicted to collecting orchids, they really are a special sort of flower.
 Still learning all the bells and whistles on this camera, and boy are there a lot on this one.
So far I like it a lot though. In case you're interested, it is a NikonCoolPix P500.
Thanks CostcoRebateCheck...


Jaye said...

I think Paul has the same sort of camera. We sat at the dining room table one day and played around with it. Lots of silly photos of each other sitting at the dining room table. Love the orchid! I bet you could do some really cool things with that photo in Photoshop Elements.

Julie ZS said...

Oh cool, I'm still working out what all the extra buttons are for. There are a whole lot more functions than on my old camera. I haven't done anything with the orchid picture in photoshop, but I'm sure I will at some point. See, I finally got an orchid after admiring yours all these years!