Monday, November 07, 2011

Around The Immediate Neighborhood

 After many attempts with the new camera, I finally caught a pretty good picture of a bee in our mimosa tree this year.
 Oh oleander, unsung heroine of California freeways and my driveway.  Poisonous yes, and of course beautiful too.
 Don't forget to look up once in a while!  Hard to remember when you're walking through the forest sometimes.
 Zelda the Wonder Dog, still goes on walks, it just takes her a lot longer to get up and down our hill than it used to.
We had a small, inadvertent berry harvest this year.  I was a neglectful gardener due to my hand surgery and sheer laziness, so the berries didn't get pulled out from where they always try to grow, and we ended up with some freebie surprise berries right in our yard.
What is this? An aster maybe?  I just loved the color, so close to blue in the right light.


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Jaye said...

super gorgeous photos! Love that purple flower and the mimosa flowers are wonderful!