Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Halloweenie Halloween

 Our pumpkin carving this year was late again, by one day, becoming a Stiller family tradition.  The timing brought back memories of my unfortunate hand injury two years' ago.  I only was able to bring myself to carve out one eye, (I'm such a Halloweenie!)  so Alex and Marc had to slice up the rest.  I scooped out the insides, roasted the pumpkin seeds and drew three of the faces.
 This was Alex's, those round teeth are awesome, but they took forevvvveeeerrrr for him to carve.  But he didn't give up and it looks great.
 I liked this shot because of the light effects.  I actually used a tripod with my new camera so I could get some non-blurry dark shots.
 These two pumpkins are different for a good reason, the rind on them was almost two inches thick and super hard!  Too tough to cut safely, so we decided that trying to carve was crazy.  We got out the electric screwdriver and did dot-to-dot holes around the designs, but it turned out the bit wasn't long enough and the holes didn't go all the way through so the pumpkins were dark even with a lit candle inside :-(
 Alex tried using a skewer to poke on through.  Here's our pumpkin carving table complete with screwdriver, knives, sharpies, skull goblets of pomegranate grape juice and a sack of Halloween candy.
Skewering in action.  I love how intensely orange this picture is.   The final solution was to find a longer bit for the electric screwdriver, that finally worked and the candle light could shine through the dot-to-dot design.  It was worth it, I liked how they looked when lit up.

I was lame and didn't take pictures of the three of us dressed up for Halloween.  Too bad because I finally finished my gold fairy costume and it looked pretty fancy with gold hairspray and makeup, etc.  I got Alex to put a ton of gel in his hair,he went as a character from a webcomic that he likes that has pretty straight hair, didn't work at all on his very curly hair, but it at least looked different than his usual style.  I also got Marc to wear eye liner for his wizard costume which was rather a surprise at how good it looked on him.  So booo, for no pictures.

Hope you had a fun Halloween this year!

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Jaye said...

You MUST get the Martha Stewart pumpkin carving set. It is amazing! Everything is REALLY sharp so you have to leave those tools to the boys. Does not preclude the drill, though. ;-)