Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Really, I Don't Buy Souvenirs

 I really don't buy too many souvenirs when I travel.  There are only so many t-shirts or coffee mugs one can use when you get back home.  Sometimes I'll buy a fridge magnet, but that's about it.
So I wanted to share some pictures of  what I did buy on my recent trip to Washington.  First is these two antique clay mold dolls that I picked up in Olympia, Washington.  They are about 3 inches high and pretty lightweight. Not in the best of shape, a little rough around the edges, but I thought they were interesting and had character.  They feel really nice in my hand too, maybe the coolness of the clay?
There were only two of them left, so of course I had to buy both, couldn't leave one lonely you know.  Yes, yes, I know they are maybe a little on the creepy side. (Okay maybe a lot!)   But they called to me in a shop full of sparkly crystal doorknobs and crystal balls.  Who knows maybe they'll be worked into something for Halloween?
One of them even stands up all by herself, as long as one doesn't jiggle the table too much.  Pretty good since she's missing part of her foot....

And one fat quarter to add to my skull fabric collection.  This one cracked me up for some reason.  Must be all the crowns or maybe the pink background..  I found this in the Victorian Square building in Port Townsend, there was a bead shop, a yarn shop and a fabric arts shop all in one spot.  It was hard to leave with only buying this one thing...Wish I'd gotten the name of the place because it was really cool having those three businesses in one spot.  I tried looking it up for you, but my google-fu wasn't working.

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Jaye said...

Yes, that skull fabric is interesting, if a bit creepy. I wouldn't have left the one lone doll either. Great souvenirs.Much better than a coffee mug.