Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Can See Everything From Up Here

 We recently made it up to San Francisco to see a Giants game.  It was a beautiful day, alas we lost the game, but it was still a fun trip.  AT&T park is so beautiful, even if the game gets boring there is still lots to look at out on the bay.  Our seats were one row away from the very top of the stadium, but a good view of the game.
 McCovey Cove had a lot of ships coming in and out during the game.  At one point they had dueling/jousting paddleboarders up on the big screen which was hilairious.
I had to take a picture of one of the strangest batting stances I've ever seen, Aaron Rowand.  I guess it works for him though!  Once our tv Giants announcers said he looked like a constipated penguin, which I thought was pretty accurate.
 The boys in their borrowed t-shirts with my mom.  Going to see the game with everyone was her birthday present from us this year.  She taught me to love the Giants and baseball as a kid, so it is really fun to get to go see a game in person now and then with her!  Zach was really impressed with how into it Grandma was, he's not too into following baseball unfortunately. One of my failures as a mother, oh well...
Yes it was a chance to wear my orange hat!


Jaye said...

Great event and a really gorgeous day. I am glad you had a good time. I can't believe how much A looks like Marc.

Julie ZS said...

Yes, it was a blast, I wish we could go more often. He really does look like Marc, funny how that works out as he grows up and up and up.