Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Ramble In Fort Worden

 One of my favorite things we did in Port Townsend was to go for a long ramble in Fort Worden State Park.  This is a late 19th century fort which was designed to protect the nautical entrance from the Pacific Ocean into where all the shipyards were located further in up the sound from an invading navy.  Which navy? I'm not sure at that point in history, but anyways, they left behind a pretty cool place to walk around.  This first picture is taken from downhill of one of the bunker/gunsite complexes. In this picture it looks like a modern art piece to me somehow.
And, Yes, that is indeed a perfect lawn to roll down, guess how I know?  I have the incriminating video to prove it, but I promised I wouldn't upload it.
Here's what was at the top of that hill, it is where one of the guns was attached.  I think this might make a cool rubber stamp image (puts in reminder-to-self file).
Alex and I decided this would be one helluva place for an enormous game of hide-and-go-seek.
Here's the view from the top of the fort, there was about a 240 degree vista.  Pretty handy for a fort I suppose.
I noticed these beautiful thistles growing all over the place.  They deserved a picture since they're different than the ones I struggle with in my garden at home.
See what I mean about a good hide-and-seek place?
At one point we found this tunnel that went uphill.
I wish I'd taken a movie while I was in it because the sound was just amazing.  It was the most sonorous tunnel I've ever been in, such beautiful tones just from us walking.
A rust stalactite! Or something, I don't know what you'd call it.
Walking through some of these tunnels in the old underground living spaces was slightly creepy.  There was one like this, but it was dark and closed off but there were open rooms off to one side, completely dark, ooooh  that was scary.
Some of the buildings left behind are being reclaimed by the forest.
Beautiful decay.

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