Friday, August 05, 2011

Doors & Windows

 Here's a whole bunch of pictures from the Fort I talked about yesterday,these are the last ones from vacation I swear!  I was obsessed with all the interestingly rusted doors and windows. Not a new thing, I've always had a thing for taking pictures of doors, but there were so many there, all in one place, and each one differently shaped and colored than the next one.  So a bit of an overload in this one post, but rather than dragging it out, I thought I'd inflict All of The Doors on you at once.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is a beautiful photo post.
I often wonder what the builders of these structures would think, now abandoned from their original purpose....and turning into an exceptional form of art for the eye that can see it?
Just spectacular!


Deirdre said...

I've not stopped by in a long time (or visited almost any blogs), but I'm so glad i got a chance to see this post - I love the doors - thanks for sharing them all.

and the photos from the baseball game are so much fun - its easy to see the joy on your mother's face!
:-D eirdre