Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School = New Pens

My version of buying back-to-school supplies for myself these days consists of acquiring New Pens.  Specifically ones for mark-making on fabric (at least this time around).  Some of these will work on paper and other surfaces too.
I decided I'd test them out all in one place to compare and contrast how each type looks when actually used on fabric.  The fabric is a pretty tight woven cotton without a lot of surface texture.  I like how this looks and it will be useful to me in deciding which pen to use in what situation.  My plan is to keep this piece of fabric and add to it when I find a new type of pen.
Out of these new pens I think I like the look of the fine point Tee Juice. Also, the feel of using the pen was easier than the Zig, maybe the tip material is different somehow?  The Tee Juice pens come in lots of yummy colors, so these may become a new addiction, we shall see...


Jaye said...

I like the look of that Tee Juice fine point pen as well. Where did you find it? I might need to put a few of those on my Christmas list!

I have a notebook with those plastic sleeves and I put things like this in it.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Thanks for the tips about pens for fabrics. I've been needing some so it's been on my mind lately. Your new fabrics are lovely, too.
best, nadia

Julie ZS said...

Jaye, I think I got the tee juice fine point at Beverly's, but it might have been at our local art supply store too. Hope you try some of the pens out Nadia.