Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Port Townsend, Town, Sea and Sky

 Hey, how about some more pictures from our recent road trip to Washington.  This is Zach relaxing in Port Townsend.  We had many opportunities on our trip to try Bubble Tea as Alex is rather obsessed with it, I like the color combo of these two with the blue sky.    I took a lot of photos of the cool old buildings in Port Townsend, but  I didn't like how they turned out, too many overhead power lines in the way obscuring everything and breaking up the images, so none of those from me today.
 One of the docks in Port Townsend, with gulls perched on the pilings.

 This building looked like it was trying to blend in with the sky.
 The lighthouse out at the point, horizontal and vertical.
 My two boys in the water.  Shortly thereafter a huge discussion ensued about whether it was warmer or colder in the ocean at home, and why or why not that would be.  It ended with a lot of kelp tossing at each other so I'm not sure they ever resolved it...

Again with the horizontal and vertical views, couldn't decide on which one I liked better.  The cloudy sky was so beautiful that day.  I'm glad I was able to capture a bit of that expansive feeling in these photos.  I love that one glowing line of sunshine on the water before the horizon.


Laume said...

LOL, I always do a horizontal and a vertical capture as well. Port Townsend is one of my favorites spots, haven't been there in ages. Maybe try your building pics in black and white, it might make the wires and lines look more "picturesque". Worth a try anyway.

Jaye said...

Perhaps the Photoshop elements class will help you get rid of the power lines?

I love LOVE love that sky. It is gorgeous!

I am totally going on a road trip with you when all the boys are gone. Put it on your calendar!

Nir said...

The water temperature at Port Townsend is 51.1 F while it is 59 F at Santa Cruz.

So which boy was right?

Julie ZS said...

Good idea Laume, I'll try b&w on my pics and see how they look (or maybe sepia!).
Put it on the calendar Jaye, definitely. Maybe we can go visit Laume!
Hah! Nir that's awesome,thanks for looking it up. Now I have to go stir up the whole debate again. But for that they'd both have to be awake wouldn't they....