Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stylin' Recyclin'

 No I didn't make this myself, I actually bought it recently in San Francisco at the St.Patrick's Day parade art/craft booths.  From a company that is set up to produce recycled purses and other things that they design here, using young adults in a rehab center in Mexico City, Eco Fashions.  

I was really taken with the effective use of the UPC codes as an overall design.
Plus it had one of my favorite greens on the inside.  Most of their products are made out of candy wrappers or magazines.
It is very well made and it looks like it will last for quite a while.


Karoda said...

I love the barcode as design!

Julie ZS said...

I do too, that was what made me buy it over all the other more colorful ones that were available. I just loved that someone figured out how to make something so great out of the lowly barcode!