Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recent Additions

All of these were purchased back in January in Half Moon Bay while I was there for the CQFA retreat, at a little shop called Tokenz.
First is a big anti-evil-eye glass charm to hang over the front door.  This is about 3" wide.  One of my favorite symbols.  Never had seen one this large before!
 I'd never seen cone shells sliced like this before, thought the shapes were really intriguing.  Probably too delicate for quilt embellishing but maybe for printing or stamp carving?
Who doesn't need a lightweight bracelet of skulls?  Well not me really, not something I'd wear except maybe in October. I predict that these will end up on the next Dia de los Muertos quilt that I make.
Teeny tiny doodads for embellishments.  This store had a wall of big jars of this things, it was fun to go through and pick out a few I thought I might use at some point on a quilt.

 A right hand figure, to help me meditate on upcoming re-repair tendon pinky finger surgery.  But now that I look at it more closely, maybe not such a great model to use as I'm not planning to have the pinky finger removed. hmmm

A pony-tail holder of felted green woolen spikes.  Not so easy to spot against t
green background.  So here I am against the more neutral house.  Except for the purple window trim of course.  Are you surprised I insisted on purple trim when we repainted?


Jaye said...

I use similar sliced shells on my Christmas tree. Put a ribbon through and voila!

Julie ZS said...

Oh that's a great idea Jaye, that would be really pretty. If they don't make it onto a quilt, then onto the tree they'll go.