Thursday, April 07, 2011

All Together Now

 Here are all 52 of the weekly six-word memoirs from 2010.  Somewhat in order, in rows starting up in the upper left corner.  A bit hard to arrange clearly in rows due to the irregular (ie crazy) shapes and sizes.

 I like seeing these grouped together like this all in one place.  Makes it easier to spot all those commonalities through the year and how each one is so very different from the others.
 It is interesting to see the similarity in colors depending upon the season, I also like seeing the different shapes they each ended up.
The quiltlets are now residing in a box that I've collaged and I think that's where they will stay, until I can think of a way to make them into a book.  If I do, I'll be sure and share it here.
So, what's the project for this year? Well, I haven't picked one and here it is April already, so I guess I'm taking a year off at least until something strikes me as *must-do*.
I posted all the pictures of this project on Flickr so they can all be looked at together.  Check it out if you're interested, it might be easier than looking at each post here on my blog. 

Here's a video I made on Animoto using all those pictures:


Jaye said...

I am so glad you showed all of the quiltlets! I am excited to see them all. I know you want to make a book, but why don't you apply them temporarily to a canvas and hang them on the wall?

Good work!

Re: this year: you could do something during the last 3 quarters of the year? You could also do a fabric of the year project like me ;-) . We just started Q2. It is never to late. ;-)

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jaye :-)
I'll think about the canvas mounting idea.
A fabric of the year project, hmmmm, not sure I'm buying enough new fabrics to make it interesting, but I'll consider it! Maybe if I combine new fabrics with samples of ones I paint,etc. that could be cool.