Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kept Under Wraps

 Ta-dah! Here it is....the 52nd and final weekly six-word memoir (from last year).   And of course the last one has to be rather complicated and will take a lot of pictures to show it to you in its entirety.
 The entire thing is comprised of various mesh type materials I've gotten over the last year or so from Fabmo.  Each layer has one of the six words written on white ribbon which is sewn on to the grid of the mesh.  So here is the first layer that has the word: Kept.
 Turn the first layer back and you get to the second layer which says: Under
 Here is how it looks so you can see the third layer where the word is:Wraps
 All opened up to the fourth layer where the word is: Night
 The last layer which says: Day
 Extreme closeups of the words on each layer.

The words say: "Kept Under Wraps. Night And Day."  There you go, now you've seen all 52 of these weekly quiltlets.  Tomorrow I'll show you what they all look like up on the wall.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Very cool construction concept~~~love how part is visible and the rest has to be unfolded.
I have enjoyed these a lot Julie~~will you keep them separate or find a way to display them as a single unit?
great creativity!!!


Julie ZS said...

Thanks so much Anne for your continued interest in this loooong project! I'm still working on the how to display these quiltlets, more later on that if I ever figure it out. Right now they're living in a collaged box.