Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project Part Three

 The rest of the pages from my sketchbook that is part of The Sketchbook Project.  I realize now that I skipped two pages in my photo taking, so I'm really glad I paid the extra $ to have the organizers of this project scan and put images on a DVD.  Plus I bet they'll look better than these photos too (hope so!).
This page uses a scrap from an old collage with a magazine picture and watercolor crayons.
 An old tissue paper collage with watercolor crayons and pen work.
 Writing, tissue paper clothes patterns, cancelled quilty postage stamps.  This is one of my favorite pages in this book.
 A two page spread that has a paper napkin in a toile pattern, acrylic paint, cigar labels, game cards and a vintage label.
 Cheracol, yum...
 The whole two page spread.
 The last page of the sketchbook!  This page was based on the watercolor paper that makes up the pocket, it was a scrap left over from something else, so I painted the background to match it.
 I love pockets in altered books so I thought why not on this last page of the sketchbook.
 I made one two sided tag to put in the pocket with vintage pictures from ArtChix, gold-leaf pens, acrylic paint.
 Why Should? vs. Why Not? sides of the tags.
I'm really glad I did this project and actually finished and submitted it! 
I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibit in San Francisco in June.  Check the schedule and see where the tour is coming near you so you can riffle through and handle hundreds of artist's sketchbooks!

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Jaye said...

You did such a great job! Thanks for showing it.