Monday, April 04, 2011

Loveliness Hidden

 For the 50th in the year long weekly six-word memoir series (from last year that is, ahem) I started out with a fairly boring background with colorful silk waste on top.
 Addition of a chenille-ish yarn on top in a vaguely spirally shape.
 The fibers were stretched and combined until they covered the top.  Hard to do if your hands are at all rough, as silk waste is really really fine and floaty.  I had to keep stopping and putting hand lotion on!
Next, I sandwiched and contained everything by placing on top this white cotton netting (a Fabmo piece I was thinking of dyeing at some point).  Stitched in channels and then around the edge of the piece.
 Here is the whole piece completed.  I pulled out the threads on the edges to make a fringe.  This is one of those that will never be completely flat because of the stretchiness of the white netting.  That's ok, it reminds me of one of those woven cotton blankets, all fluffy and cozy.
 The words for the week are in the corner under a flap of the white netting.  I didn't want to take away too much from the overall look of the piece, so this was an attempt at camoflauge.
 Words say:
"Loveliness Hidden, Contained, Kept For Myself". 
They were written on a scrap of hand-dye in blue pen which didn't show up too well, so I wrote over in black.  I like that double lettered, hazy look.
A horizon shot so you can see the dimensionality of the fibers pushing against the stitching and white netting.

Hey! Only two more of these to show you!

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