Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Word for the World is Water

This quilt was just finished recently and sent off to be part of the Dream Rocket Project. It is named "The World for the World is Water" and is 2'x2' and made entirely of recycled fabrics, clothing, and a burlap rice bag.

Here is where I started in the making of this quilt and thought it might be interesting to see how how differently it ended up looking in the end.
Quilted but not yet cut down to size.A closeup of the doll dress. I cut this out when I was a kid trying to make my Barbie a new dress. As you can see I was 3-D challenged even back then..
A closeup of the watery piece near the bottom of the quilt. This blue nylon fabric was a piece of one of my practice flags from back when I was in the tall flags performing with the high school marching band. I liked the way it looked cut up instead of the big rectangle that I started out with.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Really cool! I love the rice bag in there; I think it adds a lot---can't say *how* but it is sort of a visual balance for the rest of the piece!
Bravo! (clapping!!!)