Thursday, May 06, 2010

Why So Irresistible?

How about these weird, yet cool fabrics that I scooped up from the FabMo bounty that Bron brought to share with us all at the last CQFA meeting? I keep missing the monthly distributions of free fabric that they hold so it is really nice that she brings some freebie goodies to share with us!

I have no idea how I will end up using these first pieces, or even how they would be used if I were an interior designer? Curtains maybe? It kind of looks like a zebra/animal print. It is flexible yet stiff, soft and very rough, matte and shiny, the black section is like a tightly woven raffia out of some polyester derivative, with a bonus fringe on the edge of the black. Weird stuff huh? Wonder how much it goes for per yard??

This really plush fake fur piece was too irresistible to put back once I'd touched it. There is probably enough here for my son to make one of his stuffed creatures, or maybe I'll snag it for something. It reminds me of a friend's late dog.

This one was hard for me to resist because of the nicely drawn figures, the Jack of All Trades being my favorite. They will probably show up in my fabric collage quilts somewhere.


Jaye said...

Glad you scooped the bottom one up. I know you will do something cool with it.

becky said...

I see that first fabric as a purse or tote-naybe supplemented with some solid black. They all look fun.