Saturday, May 08, 2010

Morphing ATC's into Quiltlets

Here is last week's six word memoir quiltlet. The words say:
Teaching Requires A Lot Of Organization
Which I found out last week, it really does!
It made me appreciate even more all those classes and workshops that I've found useful because the teacher comes prepared.This quiltlet used some of the scraps from making my recent ATC's. They're just too yummy looking to just throw away, all that stitching and nicely painted fabric. But all that excess batting, just too white to work with on a small scale quiltlet.
When in doubt, try throwing some paint on it, right? Dr PhMartin's violet in this case. This stuff is usually used for marbling and has a really high concentration of pigment and not much binder. Sure doesn't look like much at this point does it?
But I just love how it soaks into the batting and wicks up into the surface fabric in a random, unpredictable manner. The largest one on the right was cut into three pieces and used in this six word memoir.

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Jaye said...

From life to quilt. I love it!