Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Museum Visiting and Participating

For Mother's Day we went with my parents to the San Jose MOMA. There was a great Wayne Thiebaud exhibit that I really enjoyed and it was a free Community Day.
This is a picture of a vase that was in the gift shop. It is covered in small slices of rolled paper tubes. What a cool effect!
It really stood out from all the rest of the things for sale in the shop.
I think the vase itself may be made from paper also. Unfortunately I didn't look to see who made it, so I can't post a link. The museum had a great set up right in the middle of the Thiebaud exhibit where you could sit down and draw a dessert from really realistic models. That's my dad in the blue shirt, he did an awesome cake slice with lots of details.

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Jaye said...

I love the idea of your dad drawing! I had no idea he was creative. I am not surprised at all, though, knowing a little about his varied interests.

What a great idea to put drawing equipment up for people! It is wonderful way to encourage creativity.