Saturday, May 15, 2010

City of Creation

This is the quilt that I just finished this week, you got a peek at it yesterday with the serendipitously matching silks. This is what it looked like after the edges of all the pieces were stitched down, but before any quilting was added..
And here it is with all the quilting and an edge stitched on. The title is: City of Creation and it is 19"high by 23 "wide.
This quilt has been "marinating" for just over a year since the Pamela Allen class. It was just gluesticked together and I noticed that it was starting to come apart a bit. I liked getting to just do the stitching part of the work since the design was already completed.
Some closeups so you can see the quilting and the interesting fabrics I used.I used a lot of different colors of thread on this piece, it was worth the trouble.
This didn't start as a sun, but somehow, when I was quilting, it kinda turned into one!


Jaye said...

Is this the one you started in the Pamela Allen class last April or part of the same series or????

Julie ZS said...

Yes this is the one from the Pamela Allen class.

Lutra said...

This is so very fun! I love it to pieces!
I hope that you sent pics to Pamela....
And I thought I was one of the few that used a glue stick!
Great work!

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Lutra, Gluesticks forevah! I didn't think of sending a pic to Pamela, but now I will.

Jaye said...

I just sent my Beach Town photo to P. A. Didn't hear back and don't know what she is doing. I found the little postcard fish I did in her EBHQ class and may stitch that one up just to get it done.