Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An IBOL On Its Way

I made it just under the wire to send an IBOL as today was the deadline. What's an IBOL you ask? It stands for Iraqi Bundle Of Love and was organized by Major Art La Flamme, who also is the son of, and husband of a quilter (Kristin La Flamme) , who knew that one thing quilters have in common is that we usually have a large stash of stuff we're honestly never going to use. His idea was to get a bunch of bundles of sewing supplies over into the area of Iraq he's currently stationed in, to be able to distribute during Ramadan.

I just kept forgetting to do it for some reason, but once I got started, it went together very quickly. I got together lots of solid colors of fabrics that I don't use, along with a bunch of kid prints that are really bright and cheery. I also put in some sewing supplies like thread, needles ribbons, embroidery floss and a good pair of scissors.

The instructions were pretty clear and it was easy to find stuff that would be useful and hopefully appreciated too.
So far he's collected 500 bundles to distribute, which is pretty darn cool!

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