Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Is How It Happens

My worktable was getting unusable again. Too many scraps piling up and overflowing and making it hard to get anything of any size done. In this picture it looks as if Cerridwen is stirring up the scrap pile, making something out of nothing.... All of my scrap boxes are completely packed and I just don't have room for yet another one, so I wanted to use up this pile of goodies. My first instinct was to do another Spiral Recycle but the pieces of fabric were too big to work well with that technique.

So I started laying the pieces out and placing them together with the intention of making a "background" to do a spirally thing on top of. But this turned out too interesting to cover up with a big spiral plopped on top.
Next I did some stitching first one direction in mostly parallel lines.
And then back again. Ho hum, kinda boring when you're doing the stitching and trying to avoid all the pins.

But I like how it looks afterwards, I think the stitching adds a lot to the whole look of the piece. So is this piece finished? No, not yet. Do I know what it needs yet? Nope. Does it have a title? Not at the moment. But at least I don't have to find a place for it in my scrap box. At least yet.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

As to the table......makes me feel right at home!!! Mine is worse, much worse.
Time to get the backhoe out for mine.... :)

Jaye said...

One thing I do is sew like colored fabrics together - like all the blues, all the reds, etc - to make new fabric in larger pieces. I sew all kinds of sizes and shapes and just keep adding on to them. I haven't done anything with the fabric yet, but it is much easier to store the larger pieces than the smaller ones. I have also been known to cut normal sized squares (never know when you need those) out of scraps or other shapes. I do like what you have done and like the idea of making a quilt out of your scraps.