Monday, September 21, 2009

Cornucopia Package

Happy Monday!
Last week I received a package from Silver Crow with a very strange mixture of random goodies. Random goodies that I carefully selected myself of course. So what are they?

The Transfers Unlimited is a product I've been hearing about lately, and apparently it is a "As Seen On TV" kind of thing too. I have not personally seen it advertised on my TV though. It looks like it would be fun to use and I always like to see what kind of image I can get with one of these newfangled processes. I'm going to try it out on some fabric as well as some boring ceramic mugs that we have, more on that later when I actually use it. The hard part will be choosing something to transfer. My sons have been asking to make t-shirts with their artwork, so that might be a good use of it too. It is supposedly quite stinky when you use it, so I need to have a non-headachy day where I can do it outside. Or maybe I should just do it on a headachy day because it will give me one anyways.

A charm set of eating utensils to use as an embellishment on a small quilt about eating and food that I'm working on.

A big hank of vintage blue wired beads which were just too pretty not to buy, and hopefully will make a cool bracelet.

A vintage paper Halloween decoration that says Boo! on one side and has a smiling skull on the other because I just don't have enough Halloween decorations apparently. I'm starting in early on the Halloween decorating this year.

A package of miniature teeny tiny people because you never now when you'll need some

And a glass/metal hinged frame to be able to wear a small collage on a chain. I think I'll make a collage and then shrink it down on my printer so that it will fit. I don't think that I'm up to collageing in this small of a format, just don't have the patience or the super-duper scissors that would require.

Silver Crow really has a great selection of collage and embellishment stuff, rubber stamps, new, vintage, ephemera and artwork to purchase too, so go check them out.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, I am sooooo slow. Meant to comment on this last evening and was too tired.
WOW! What cool items! The transfer medium looks interesting; will be awaiting a report on what you think.
I love when packages arrive that you can root through and sort of admire what you purchased! I'm still a little kid I guess..... :)